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    Ask any straight person to imagine kissing or having sex with even an attractive person of the same sex and something inside them says no way!  
    It isn't a choice.
    I was in high school and found out that most of my softball team were gay.
    I thought about it came up with "they were my bests friends yesterday so how does them being gay change anything"?  
    I talked with my mom and she said people would think I was gay too.
    Then my brother came out.
    Everyone accepted him.
    When I finally came out to myself, I was not accepted.
    I did not want to be gay. I wanted to get married and have kids.
    Then that Someone walked in the door. Butteflies. I was very religious at the time and went for a walk.
    I decided love was love and how could that be wrong if I was made in God's image?  Never looked back.
    People who get all atwitter about gay couples having kids cuz of course they will make them gay too, don't realize that most gay people grew up in a straight household.
    People love any reason to hate people who are different, imo.
    Gay people are not a threat to marriage.
    But people will vote for serial adulters w/o another thought.
    Until gays can get married because people think they will threaten 'conventional marriages', divorcevshould be illegal. Except for domestic violence. There, you bigotted assholes!


    by snoopydawg on Wed May 09, 2012 at 09:36:15 PM PDT

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