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View Diary: State Hate: The Collateral Damage of a North Carolina Boycott (94 comments)

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  •  NC BUSINESS LEADERS opposing Amendment 1 (0+ / 0-)

    Here's a list of business leaders that took a stand against Amendment 1.

    This isn't  by any means "everyone" but it's a starting point for targeting "buycott" dollars to reward the kind of courageous behavior we'd like to see repeated. If the rest of you have lists, please post the links of the list for our consideration.

    Business Leaders Against Amendment One List

    Affiliations are for identification purposes only. Signers are acting as individuals and not as representatives of their affiliated organizations.

    Guenevere Abernathy`CEO, LoMoMarket

    Adam Abram, CEO, James River Group, Inc.

    Catherine Adamson, Founder, Chapel Hill Bees LLC

    Ryan Allis, Co-Founder, iContact Corporation

    Harry Bailes, CEO, Family Health Network

    Stephen Barringer, Executive Vice President, Dealers Supply Company

    Steve Barton, Principal, Axiom Architecture

    Mik Beetham, Green Energy Lawn Care

    Ron Bernstein, CEO, Liggett Vector Brands LLC

    Leah Bergman, Local Yogurt and LoYo

    Bucky Black, President, Resource Wood, Inc.

    James Boyle, Professor of Law, Duke University Law School

    Jennings Brody, Parker and Otis, Owner

    Burton B. Buffaloe, President, Logic Limo

    Ann Campbell, Co-Founder and Board Member, Campbell Alliance Group, Inc.

    John Campbell, Co-Founder and Board Member, Campbell Alliance Group, Inc.

    Greg Casey, The Octopus Garden Smoke Shop, LLC

    Jennifer Conaway, Your Next Level, Inc., President

    Dean Debnam, CEO, Workplace Options

    Christopher DiGiovanna, Trader Chris Consignments, Inc.

    Dr. Heather Dixon-Fowler, Entrepreneurship Professor, Appalachian State University

    Martin Eakes, CEO, Self-Help and Center for Responsible Lending

    Anita S. Earls, Executive Director, Southern Coalition for Social Justice

    Janet Elbetri, Sandwhich, LLC

    Ken Eudy, CEO, Capstrat

    Diane Evia-Lanevi, Founder, The Tomorrow Fund for Hispanic Students

    Andrew Fitzgerald, Partner, Strauch, Fitzgerald and Green, P.C.

    Abigail Fitzgerald, Strauch, Fitzgerald and Green, P.C.

    Joel Fleishman, Professor of Law and Public Policy, Duke University

    Stephen Fraser, Co-founder, Spoonflower

    Christopher Gergen, Executive Director, Bull City Forward

    Barbara Goodmon, President, A.J. Fletcher Foundation

    Shelly Green, CEO, Durham's Convention and Visitors Bureau

    Charles Grubb, CEO, Magnolia Management Group, Inc.

    David B. Hagan, President, Hagan Properties Incorporated

    Scott Harmon, Manager, Center Studio Architecture, PLLC

    Zach Harmon, Princeton Daycare, Inc. Co-Owner

    Haywood Holderness, Pastor Emeritus, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Durham, NC  

    Sarah Honer, Spira Pilates Studio, Owner

    Dianne Jackson, Board Member, Boys and Girls Club of Orange Co.

    Alan King, Workplace Options, President & COO

    Dave Kirkpatrick, Managing Director, SJF Ventures

    Nancy Kittay, Somethin' Else

    Erin Krauss, Social Worker

    Terry Krauss. Forward Motion Associates, LLC

    David Kreegerr, CertaPro Painters of Durham-Chapel

    Gary Kueber, CEO, Scientific Properties

    Katrina Lamberto, Founder, Katlamdo Organizing

    Kel Landis, Partner, Plexus Capital and former CEO, RBC Centura Bank

    Michael Lemanski, Founder, Greenfire Development

    Margot Carmichael Lester, Owner/Content Strategist, The Word Factory

    Ruth Little, Longleaf Historic Resources

    Beth Maczka, Senior Program Officer, Community Foundation of Western NC

    Jody Maxwell, Customization Manager, Sports Endeavors

    Easter Maynard, Executive Director, ChildTrust Foundation and Head of Charitable Giving, Golden Corral

    W. Quinton Maynard, Managing Partner, Morehead Capital

    Ralph McCaughan, Merge Records, Co-President / Co-Owner

    Susan McDaniel, NC Green Plumbing, Inc

    Steve McKinsey, McKinsey Printing

    Jason Merrill, President, Back Alley Bikes

    Tina Merrill, COO, LLC

    Leon Morton, Sabaki Maintenance, Proprietor

    Sandy Moulton, Principal, The Xenia Group, Inc.

    Julie Mullin, Fiberactive Organics, L3C

    Aaron Nelson, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO

    Jane Norton, CEO, ReSourcing Natural Solutions

    Bob Page, CEO, Replacements, Ltd.

    John Parker, CEO, Good Work

    Milan Pham, NIcholsonPham, PLLC

     Grace Pilafian, Grace Pilafian Landscape Consulting and Design, Owner

    Joshua Pope, JPHubbs

    Anthony J. Pugliese, Senior Vice-President, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

    Dennis W. Quaintance, CEO, Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants & Hotels

    Mark W. Read, Owner, Mark Read Studio

    James L. Ross II, Ross & Associates

    Andy Rothschild, Founder, Scientific Properties

    Barbra Rothschild, Founder, Scientific Properties

    Susan Sachs, President & Principal, Starfire Consulting, Inc.

    Andrew Scharfenberg, Steel String, LLC Owner / Logistics

    Keith Shaljian, Worker-Owner, Bountiful Backyards      

    Joan Siefert Rose, President, Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED)

    Patricia Smith, NC Green Plumbing, Inc.

    Tom Stevens, Think Leadership Ideas, Owner

    Jeannie Striegel, I Heart Veg, Owner

    Paige Sullivan, Concert Telecommunications, Inc.

    R. Edward Stewart, President/CEO, UDI/CDC

    Nina Szlosberg-Landis, President, Circle Squared Media

    Jim Tate, Escape Hair & Skin Studio

    Tina Toler-Keel, It's Who I Am Magazine

    Juan Villa, President, Juan Villa Photography

    Bonnie Warford, Carpe Diem Restaurant and Caterers

    Katherine S. Weaver, President, Residence Development Company

    H. Michael Weaver, Chairman, CEO, Weaver Investment Company

    Alison Weiner, Mahalo Arts, Inc., President

    Andrew B. White, CFO, Southern Heels Management, Inc.

    Charlie Wilson, Principal & Vice President, CT Wilson Construction Company

    Greg Walker Wilson, Walker Wilson Consulting

    Edward Winslow, Attorney, Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP

    Christopher Wysocki, Yarnhouse

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