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View Diary: Scott Brown filibusters student loan assistance to 177,000 Massachusetts students (37 comments)

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  •  Charlie Pierce, on this story: (4+ / 0-)
    You see, Senator Brown, in Massachusetts, especially here in Boston, college is sort of like what cars used to be in Detroit and country music in Nashville. It's kind of what we do. College students — those double-parking, jaywalking, projectile-vomiting little parcels of disposable income — are our most important product, to borrow the old GE slogan. At last count, there were something just short of 350,000 of them living in the greater Boston area alone. And, yesterday, you voted to make sure the interest rates on all their student loans will double in July. The Republican party, because it is insane at its base and its congressional caucus is made up of nihilists and vandals, filibustered to death a Democratic attempt to keep the increase from happening.
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