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View Diary: Polling analysis: Republicans in trouble on marriage equality, Obama probably not so much (95 comments)

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  •  There was a brief period (3+ / 0-)

    during which I spent double-digit hours daily playing with the GSS, and it's my recollection that on most social issues (e.g., abortion, premarital sex, availability of birth control, and homosexual sexual relations [not my phrasing, but, instead, that of the survey, of the question that, IIRC, comes closest to the instant issue]), of those who identified as "Hispanic", those of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent were, on the whole, well more liberal than those of Mexican, Salvadorian, and Guatemalan descent.  One may posit various explanations, and in fact there exist, I know, far better analyses, both of the data and the reasons for them, than one that one forms on casual examination of GSS results, but it is something.

    (There is only so much research one can do when his dominant hand is rendered useless by his cat, who finds it to offer a perfect gap between the latter's body and the warm laptop and so sits entirely atop it.)

    Hardcore anarcho-capitalist (PC: 9.00, -7.59, PM: 8.65, -9.48), hardcore Democrat. Russ Feingold devote(e).

    by Jahiegel on Thu May 10, 2012 at 09:05:27 PM PDT

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