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  •  I pretty much already knew this about Romney (2+ / 0-)
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    The way people portray him as a "Massachussetts moderate" you would think he would be more acceptable than most Republican candidates to those of us on the left, but I've always had a visceral dislike of Romney that I haven't had for many conservatives.  

    It would be one thing if this were a 50 year old incident and didn't reflect who Romney is today, but as far as I can tell, it EXACTLY reflects who he still is and what appeals to a large chunk of his supporters.  

    Just looking back on some of my own comments on Romney:


    That said, the Republican field has its own weaknesses.  While none are directly associated with Bush, Romney seems to very much echo Bush in terms of both personality and rhetoric.  He's the arrogant fratboy of this campaign, with positions offering seemingly no change from the policies of the past 7 years other than a change in window dressing, and he's already begun running himself as though he were the incumbent, running arrogant attack ads
    Romney's basically been running as G.W. II.  It's as though he's running as the natural heir to the arrogant fratboy throne.  He's pretty much promising a more militaristic approach to Iraq and Iran.
    Romney actually scares me most.

    Maybe there's not that much difference between Romney and Giuliani, but I think Romney is even more arrogant and power hungry.  I also think he's more of an elitist.

    Giuliani is a phony, and an authoritarian, but he's not as much an ideologue as Romney.  

    Romney I can see having the whole fascistic personality cult thing going, along with the fascistic policies.  He's already running arrogant attack ads against Hillary.  Romney will give you more of the GW Bush style "war is peace", "freedom is slavery" type of propaganda.  

    Rudy will lie, but not with such conviction.  You can see the hemming and hawing, how uncomfortable he is, trying to explain his inconsistencies, for example, on abortion.  He's full of it, but at least I get the sense that there is some conscience deep down, some place where he knows he's full of it and doesn't feel great about it.

    Romney on the other hand will tell absolute bald faced lies like about how he marched with MLK, or about why he flip flopped on one issue or another, and do so with conviction.  I get the same sense I got from GWB that he just thinks he's above any conventional morality or obligation to the greater good.  To Romney, reality is irrelevant.  Whatever story he can tell to portray himself as the great leader, that's what he'll tell.  With Romney, in the end, I think it will be about "What can your country do for Romney".

    Mitt to me is the G.W. Bush of this field.  Same kind of cult of personality, same complete disregard for facts or reality.  Very similar on policy.  Wants more war, not less in Iraq.  Wants to double Gitmo.  Very big on scapegoating.  Most anti-imigrant of the field.  He's the most capable of using the same kind of politics of fear and loathing we've seen from Bush and Rove to actually win in 2008, despite the seeming unpopularity of the Republicans right now.
    Granted, those were just my personal opinions, but I think it's clear that we haven't really learned much new about Romney's personality here.  It was already clear he was a bully. And Republican Party politics seems to have provided the ideal outlet for what Romney learned in HS, which is how to get ahead and become popular with the "in crowd" by attacking those who are weaker, less fortunate, less popular, or more vulnerable.

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