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  •  In my personal vision, Joss Whedon is periodically (3+ / 0-)
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    NormAl1792, Zaphkiel, Ashaman

    calling Very Serious People at Fox and saying things like, "Yeah, remember when you cancelled Firefly? Just out of curiosity, was that one of your better career decisions?"

    I didn't really like Serenity, and I didn't even watch Firefly until long after it had come out on dvd (no surprise, we haven't owned a tv for the last 16 years or so). But just on the basis of Firefly, I'll watch anything Whedon makes, at least once. Dr. Horrible is a thing of beauty. I enjoyed the original Buffy, probably more than it deserved - but Donald Sutherland counts for a lot, in much the same way that Michael Caine does.

    We watched Avengers about a week ago, and since I hated every one of the preliminary movies (Ironman I didn't quite hate, but then, Robert Downey, Jr. counts for a lot too; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a gem), the only reason whatsoever I agreed to go was because of Whedon - and I was very glad I did.

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