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View Diary: Mitt Romney already Etch A Sketching his high school 'prank' of assaulting his gay classmate (409 comments)

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  •  I came away with thought as well (5+ / 0-)

    Being the son of a very important man, they school simply looked the other way when Willard was involved. This fed into his sense of entitlement. Of course he beleives he should be President, it is no surprise.

    •  That's not quite the way it works (0+ / 0-)

      When disruptive boarders cause embarrassment to the School, the parents are advised that continuation will require a significant increase in tuition, and a meaningful "gift" to the institution's Trust Fund.

      But even then, there are limits. This event was most likely (I do not know personally) not reported, because the thing about intimidation works sometimes. But, the other thing is that such institutions have the worlds very best, most active and deadly accurate grapevines. There's a very distinct difference between knowing such an event took place, and knowing such an event took place.

      One gets you some funny glares from Headmasters and staff. The other gets you to the "gifting" stage. Quickly. Repeats get you other learning situations.

      Somehow he made it through. Grades and scholarships, awards, and "we can hang on one more year till this psychopath is outa here, and get paid for our distress in the process!"

      I'm wondering if we have any psychological profilers in the GOS who could maybe put together at least a preliminary, subjective analysis of Romney, especially with this first of what probably will be many "revelations" during this campaign. I, for one, would be much more than interested in reading such work. Here.

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      by Bud Fields on Thu May 10, 2012 at 11:30:40 AM PDT

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