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View Diary: Mitt Romney already Etch A Sketching his high school 'prank' of assaulting his gay classmate (409 comments)

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  •  If you think I was "defending" this behavior (1+ / 0-)
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    then you can't read.  

    I was condemning the behavior.  

    I question whether the bad behavior of someone as a teenager should be the focus of a major investigation by the WaPo.  And whether that applies to all candidates and all behavior I condemn.

    •  You also seem unable to evaluate situations (0+ / 0-)


      There's no blanket rule on these things. The media is almost invariably trivial and idiotic. The things they cover are pointless.

      That said, what Mitt Romney did is NOT something most decent people do.

      He's running for the most powerful office on earth. I think this incident speaks directly to a huge character flaw that has been apparent throughout his entire life.

      Learn. To. Think.

      •  You deliberately misstate my point. (1+ / 0-)
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        1.  Media is trivial and idiotic -- that is EXACTLY my point.  And when they are, that often BENEFITS the candidate they are attacking.  See, for example, the story in the NYT that was characterized as an "unfounded attack" on McCain for implying he had an affair.

        2.  What Romney did is NOT something most decent people do -- agree. But if doing something that "most decent people  don't do" is the standard, then the majority of teenagers probably, at one point or another, fall short.  Most decent people do not publicly ridicule or make fun of others; many teens, at some point, have done that.  Most decent people would not be sexist and demeaning toward women; many teen aged boys, at some point, have done that.  Most decent people do not hit another person; many teenagers (especially teen aged boys) have done that.  Most decent people do not lie or cheat; many teenagers have lied to school authorities or cheated on tests.

        Here's where we disagree:

         I think this incident speaks directly to a huge character flaw that has been apparent throughout his entire life.
        Fine.  But rely on incidents that happened as AN ADULT as evidence of a "character flaw."  That's completely, completely fair game -- and SHOULD be the focus of the election.  I disagree with the notion that, in a political campaign, things that were done as a teenager (short of something that resulted in a criminal conviction) should be used as evidence of a character flaw in the adult -- for any candidate, in any political party.  
        •  You have a bad take. And Mitt is going (0+ / 0-)

          down over this.

          I don't buy your handwringing. Not for a second.

          •  You really think Mitt is going down over this? (1+ / 0-)
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            Really?  You think that people who were thinking about voting for Mitt are going to say, when he was a teenager, he did some teenager bullying, so even though I was thinking about voting for him, I'm not going to vote for him because of what he did in high school?  You think this is going to make a difference to people who might have considered voting for him?

            I think this only hurts him among people who ALREADY hated him, before this story.  Sure, this adds to that hatred.  But that group was never voting for him anyway.    

            If this story registers at all, I think people who were considering voting for him before this are going to see it as a silly and petty attack by the WaPo.

            We'll see how this plays out.  

          •  Blicero - what Romney did was wrong (0+ / 0-)

            but science has shown us that males don't have full brain function until an average of age 25. That's why they do a lot  of really dumb things. Most people will give anyone a pass on what they did as a teenager, as long as they were not convicted of a violent crime.

            There are times when the willingness to be impulsive has advantages. Many of the best chopper pilots in Vietnam were 19 & 20 year old young men. We viewed them as fearless, not knowing that at that young age their ability to make logical assessments had not yet been fully developed.

            This "bullying" issue has come too early to have a big impact on the election and will be long forgotten before November, particularly as most voters know they did things as teenagers that upon reflection are difficult to understand.

            "let's talk about that"

            by VClib on Thu May 10, 2012 at 02:58:18 PM PDT

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