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    As you move North there are a couple more interesting races. CA 24- where Lois Capps is facing Abel Maldonado in the Media but ol' unAbel may get "Maldonadoed" out of his own race by Tea Bagger Chris Mitchum(son of actor Bob) making Capps a November favorite. Then there is CA 21 which the Washington Press keeps touting as a Rep pickup. The 2 best candidates are both Dems however- 1 Latino & 1 Asian - and either would be strong in NOV. Finally Reps are making noise about taking out both Jerry McNerney- CA9 & John Garramendi - CA3. The June vote should go a long way toward showing if this is true or just the usual BS. I am Torn on the Senate Race- I can't decide whether a second  Democrat or Orly Taitz would be more embarrassing to the Republicans. I think shutting them out would probably be the best for CA Dems but the "Birther Queen" would probably be more of a help nationally. I wonder if Romney would allow her in a picture or what kind of trouble she could cause in Tampa

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