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  •  A local race that could impact the State (0+ / 0-)

    San Diego's race for Mayor is proving to be interesting. Leading in the polls is one Carl DeMaio running as "reform" candidate. DeMaio's political heritage includes quality time with the Reason Foundation and an early career boost/blessing from Newt Gingrich.
    This guy's running on an all-ALEC platform, has tons of money to spend on TV ads and has positioned himself as the only candidate who can save San Diego from bankruptcy.
    While the race is technically non-partisan, there is what should be a strong democrat in the race, retiring Rep. Bob Filner. The polls show DeMaio with a substantial lead and Filner tied for second (which would get him to the general election) with Republican-turned independent- Nathan Fletcher.
    The California GOP has very few rising stars, and should DEMaio pull off a win here, he'll be a high profile victory. His chances in a State-wide election are questionable given that he's openly gay, but that hasn't stopped him from building alliances with and getting contributions from some in the evangelical right wing here in San Diego.

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