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  •  This is such an old idea and stale. (none)
    I would be willing to bet that in states where it has been tried, it has proven to be a failure.  Bureaucrats can always come up with excuses for why their agencies should continue. So, all you end up with is time and money spent on more meetings and conferences and studies that contribute nothing to efficiency or effective government.

    One thing to keep in mind is that these proposals to reduce the number of government functions and programs are an artifact of the economic assumption that there is a significant difference between the public and private sector and that, indeed, government expenditures are a drain on the economy.  To their way of thinking, every dollar government spends is a dollar not available to the private sector.  So, the easiest way to make the economy grow is by shifting functions from the public to the private.
    In other words, the problem arises from the practice of defining activities by WHO carries them out, rather than WHAT they actually accomplish.  

    So, for example, when a corporation hires a legislative consultant to draft regulations that's good because he's being paid by a "private" participant in the economy.  When the department of energy hires someone to draft regulations that's bad because he's being paid by the government.

    When you come right down to it, not only has the Republican Administration greatly increased the cost of government, but it's expanded the army of private "law-makers" and "lobbyists" and consultants exponentially.  The don't call it government and they don't call it bureaucracy, but that's exactly what it is, if you define it by what it does, rather than how it's paid.

    3-D Republicans=division, deceit, debt

    by hannah on Sun Apr 24, 2005 at 06:54:04 AM PDT

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