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View Diary: Dead By Sunset: Kill it, and make it look like an accident [UPDATED] (118 comments)

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  •  Their agenda is clear (none)
    Turn back the New Deal.

    Turn back everything that has been built in the last 70 years.

    We have to take the offensive and make it clear that this is what's happening.  If the American people knew what they were really doing, this would NOT be popular. This is NOT the "mandate" that Bush was given.

    It's up to us -- and the Democrats -- to make the case .. and just hope that people are listening.

    There is another diary (not recommended; not too much commented on) called If You're Poor and Sick...You're Screwed that talks about the LA Times' lead story this morning:  States Rein In Health Costs.  The states are cutting back -- drastically -- their medicaid programs.   Missouri is actually going to end its medicaid program.  

    This has the potential to wake up the American people.  Even if most of the middle class (what's left of it) does not avail itself of medicaid, this has the potential to unleash waves of unrest, even violence, among those who do.  This means lots of poor and elderly are going to lose the only health insurance they can get.  Somebody's grandma is going to end up dying because of this ... I really think this will NOT be taken lying down.

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