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View Diary: Breaking Gallup Poll on Obama's Gay Marriage Stance (155 comments)

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  •  For me, angeleyes, (2+ / 0-)

    just to be clear, it would never be a matter of not accepting black evangelicals, on this site or anywhere else.  My thought is we mine our common beliefs rather than rend our party over our disagreements.  Particularly religious disagreements as those can never be melded. Which is why we have a separation of church and state.

    It is as hard for me to deal with people who think my gay loved ones don't deserve their full civil rights as it is for you and your fellow believers to deal with the idea that gay marriage is acceptable.  Still, again, I would seek our mutuality and would welcome the conversations that come with that.

    •  Bullshit. (0+ / 0-)

      Screw that false equivalency.  What are we talking about here--she's saying that her bigotry isn't welcome here.

      Fuck that!

      Nobody is forcing her to marry another woman. Nobody is advocating that she be prohibited from marrying a man or prohibiting her church from performing a legally binding heterosexual marriage.  Nobody is advocating that she be denied ANY civil rights because she is heterosexual.

      But she's whining because her bigotry isn't welcome here.  She wants to prevent people like me from having "equal rights under the law".  She wants to prevent OUR churches, synangogues, and faith communities from legally performing same-sex marriages.  She wants HER church to have veto power over civil law.  

      No.  Thank.  You.  

      How is she ANY different from whtie evangelicals who used faith and scripture to support segregation?  

      (That sound you are hearing is a paradigm being shifted at Warp Factor Infinity using no clutch.)

      by homogenius on Fri May 11, 2012 at 04:30:14 PM PDT

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      •  No, it's not any different (2+ / 0-)
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        Catte Nappe, erush1345

        than white evangelicals who use faith and scripture to support bigotry, including many of them who once used it to support bigotry against the ancestors of angeleyes and her fellow parishioners. And I understand your anger.  That's a hard pill for many to swallow.

        BUT STILL, homogenius, you're not going to get very far with anyone when you yell bullshit in the face of someone's religious beliefs.  My bet is that you, me and angeleyes would agree about plenty politically, if we left religion out of it.

        And that's exactly what we ALL need to do.  That's what the founding fathers had in mind with the separation of church and state.  

        There was a quote on another thread here I loved, think it was from observerinvancouver.  Not sure.  Something to the effect of...

        "When threatened the musk ox gathers in a circle facing OUTWARD, rather than inward."

        Love that.  Sorry to whoever first posted it if I mangled it.

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