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View Diary: Romney doesn't remember, but 35 years later I still do (213 comments)

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  •  a couple of observations: (5+ / 0-)

    1. i was in college at roughly the same time, and lived in the dorms my first two years. co-ed dorms, men's & women's wings, connected by a common lobby. i honestly have no recollection of this even being much of an issue, at all. no doubt it came up from time to time, but more peripherally, than as a central focus of discussion or action. i went to ODU, in norfolk, va, so maybe it was a location thing; homosexuality wasn't a big issue for discussion in the south, and generally still isn't, unless you're a cheesy preacher looking to make some fast money in contributions.

    2. i absolutely believe mr. romney has no recollection of the event. the guy's a sociopath, with narcissistic tendencies. if it didn't happen to him (or he created it to happen to him, take your pick), it has no place in his memory. he and his wife are the "Stepford" couple, and they are the center of their universe, and totally lacking in empathy. not a person you want as president, or dog catcher.

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