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  •  It may not be cool (0+ / 0-)

    but it is accurate.

    Those things do not happen out of the blue.  Blanket parties don't happen over minor issues.  It is something major.

    As an example - standing up in front of your platoon in basic and saying "I am not a member of the team - I am an individual."  And proceeding to act on that, putting everyone else in the platoon at risk of washing out in basic.

    Those kind of stunts will earn you a beat-down.  Putting everyone else at risk, this is standards enforcement at the lowest level.

    •  and if you think that statement (3+ / 0-)
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      snoopydawg, Hopeful Skeptic, PinHole

      "I am not a member of the team - I am an individual." deserves physical punishment, you are one fucked up person.

      •  In the Army (0+ / 0-)

        It can be the difference between life and death - literally.

        You obviously have no connection or insight into how the military functions.

        When you put the uniform on, the individual goes buy the wayside.  The mission can't be done by a group of individuals - it is done by a team.

        •  Actually I do understand the miltary (2+ / 0-)
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          terjeanderson, melo

          I've been raped and assaulted by several of them among other glorious experiences. And by the way the vaunted miltary we are all in this together crap is why they weren't arrested as all the witnesses were willing to lie for their miltary brothers.

          I know why they do it, I just don't think it is a sane thing to do and a sane way to think.  And this guy wasn't in teh milatary. Normal people do not beat up other for things they say. Normal people do not beat up others at all. You may think being in the miltary makes it ok, but it doesn't.  You've been brainwashed.

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