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View Diary: Romney doesn't remember, but 35 years later I still do (213 comments)

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    terjeanderson, melo

    This was a beautiful post.  Bluntly honest, gut wrenchingly real.  And like any post of this power it made me think.

    When the campaign is over this one incident from Romney's past may be the one that does him in.  

    You see, it doesn't matter whether he remembers or doesn't remember.  In either case, he comes off looking like a stereotypical, psychopathic privileged rich boy.  Any of us that went to college and came from families of any means have met these guys.  And we remember them with enduring revulsion.

    If he doesn't remember then that shows that the incident was too trivial to remain in his memory.  It wasn't important enough.   That's the worst case really.

    That means that he is so lacking in a sense of guilt, so unable to comprehend the vile wrongness of what he did, that he is without human feelings.  

    His history at Bain and his constant, awkward public pronouncements ("I like firing people!") suggest that he might actually not remember--that that abuse of someone not of his class and prominence was too trivial to recall.  

    That is not any sort of defense.   It would be more of a defense if he admitted that he does remember and that he understands and regrets what he did...  

    But Mitt Romney isn't capable of that kind of admission.  He is a fond believer in his own perfection.  A narcissist among narcissists--a leader of the pack.

    So, I think we will see that this one incident that doesn't seem that important right now will sit and fester in the national consciousness.  The voters already don't like Mitt, but soon I believe they will begin to loath him as they come to know him better.

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