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View Diary: Murdochgate: New Scapegoat: Jeremy Hunt UPDATED x2 Watson Says Cameron Breached Ministerial Code (32 comments)

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  •  Well I don't know that I know better (5+ / 0-)
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    but there were several things that made me think perhaps not.

    Firstly, she seemed to have very much the puppy personality, when pushed firmly she's willing to feed small piece after small piece (I'm waiting for the transcripts to look for who it was she said, but at one point Mr Jay asked about something  and she replied with an answer that featured one other member of staff, fairly unconvincingly, mr Jay responds with questioning noises and she almost repeats the answer but with the same member of staff followed by another)

    Then the Fraser Brown line of questioning. Lots of Journalists aere out there cheering her protection of her source, and considering she had won there. Personally I think it looked as ifche was letting her post all the posible ways out of the trap, and deny using any  I| think she may fiind herself called back after others have given evidence and asked to refresh hers

    on top of this theres a couple of answers around the Freddie Michel evidence where she seemed to drop both Hunt and Cameron in it, but I need to look further to confirm this.

    Interviewer: What do you believe is behind this recent increase in terrorist bombings? Helpmann: Bad sportsmanship

    by ceebs on Fri May 11, 2012 at 08:04:46 PM PDT

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    •  A scathing account which implies a call back... (4+ / 0-)
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      ceebs, Brit, ericlewis0, Creosote likely, as her incapacity to remember was not commensurate with the positions she held and thus not credible.

      Zoe Williams comes down hard

      This is a ridiculous person. You couldn't live a life with this bad a memory. Never mind that you'd never be able to do a demanding job, you wouldn't be able to pass your GCSEs.
      She often apologised for the partiality of her diary .... but doesn't seem troubled that she can't fill in these gaps from her actual brain.
      Among the not remembered

       whether or not David Cameron was at her 40th birthday

      the identities of the various politicians and  the substance of any of the messages they sent after the July 2011 debacles.  

      Eventually, she comes up with "No 10. No 11. The Home Office. The Foreign Office".
         How Cameron, Murdoch and Brooks come to be in Santorini [Murdoch Yacht mooring]  at the same time and what they talked about
      She can't really remember. "I was witness to one [conversation] between them. It was about Europe. Because we were in Europe.

      "Are you bluish? You don't look bluish," attributed to poet Roger Joseph McGough, for the Beatles' Yellow Submarine (1968).

      by BlueStateRedhead on Sat May 12, 2012 at 05:43:09 AM PDT

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