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View Diary: MSNBC Tamron Hall vs Right Wing Tim Carney Follow-up with full video and transcript (82 comments)

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    Your idea that we should EXPECT "crazy shit" from people being interviewed and given air time, is imo, what has us in the journalistic mess we're in today---where misinformation is more common than information.

    As I said on the other thread, if someone can't answer the question at hand with a substantive argument, then that person doesn't have a good answer to the question, and is trying to hide that fact, and that should be called for what it is---instead of enabled.  

    This blowhard kind of pundit behavior with no responsibiiity to even answer the question at hand is imo, one of the factors that got us the useless Iraq War and is in general the reason so many don't understand what's going on this country.  How can they when they're constantly told there's no right or wrong answer and everyone has a right to spout shit?

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