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View Diary: Israel's "Super-Stinker Deal" proves that its Political System has become a Complete Farce (45 comments)

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  •  Well Frank, I think there are two issues here (1+ / 0-)
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    1. Was this a smart Political Move by Netanyahu?


    2. How does this fit into Israeli Democracy and the system in place?

    (This is only my opinion mind you) - On the first count, I would say Yes AND No. Yes, it was a smart move in that Netanyahu completely wiped out the Kadima faction. No matter what they do now, they will be seen for the failure that they exhibited here. Politically Mofaz just whipped Kadima AND himself.

    But Politically was it smart? Maybe not as Netanyahu exposed just what he was/is willing to do "backroom style" in a major way. I mean he swings some late night coalition deal behind the backs of the faction coming into power then tries to backdoor the deal. There are all kinds of things here that are wrong, and I think he is crystallizing the focus of the Opposition. Would he still win the next elections. Pretty much but I think he just gave the Street protests and Yair Lapid/Shelly Yachimovich a gift. Again just my opinion.

    As for the "outrage", well yeah... because the system allowed the faction to go completely away from what it's voters elected their lists for. They did not vote for LIkud here they voted for Kadima. All of a sudden Kadima's independence as a party looks none to bright.

    As far as "crass motivations" that is exactly what this was. Of course Israeli dialogue focuses on that because:

    A: That's who's in power now
    B. That is who is doing all of this now. When Meretz or Labor start this stuff then people will jump on that.

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