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  •  No, that was one alternative theory among many (1+ / 0-)
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    Nowhere Man

    I only repeated it because I was the first to bring it up.

    But all of the other suggestions for possible 'eunuchdom' are just as likely, if not moreso than it referring to homosexuality.

    People with thyroid or adrenal problems, people with infertility issues or undescended testicles or low testosterone, people who were raised to believe that to be holy one should remain celibate, the list can go on and on.  There are all sorts of reasons that people can't or don't have sex, and to specifically choose to refer to people who do have sex as eunuchs just because they don't have sex with the people you expect them to seems more of a stretch.

    There are lots of possible ways to interpret 'eunuch' and I don't care if you want to go with asexuals or not, but I don't see anything in the diary that supports the diarist's interpretation as anything more than 'his understanding of the word' other than one claim that he found it listed in a dictionary somewhere, no doubt written by someone who also had their own 'understanding of the word'.

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