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  •  This was a guy who had a rotten day (1+ / 0-)
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    and, when he finally lashed out, vented on a fig tree instead of the people around him. Whether you consider the scriptures fact or fiction, here they model a person with essentially endless power who, even in a moment of understandably human weakness, does not devastate the people around him. How much better would the world be if all of us were capable of this restraint? How many fewer shaken babies would we have? Battered partners? Mass murder victims?

    And this was a guy who knew he was leading a small group of people into a life that demanded complete sacrifice (consider how many disciples were martyred) and was thus incompatible with the demands of home and family. He was telling them that if obedience to their parents was more important than obedience to him ("Honey, you need to come home and help Dad with the harvest"), they were the wrong people for the job. Again, whether you consider the scriptures fact or fiction, here they model a perfectly valid concept: there are a few life callings so extraordinary in their demands that one must devote all one's energies to them.

    •  We all have bad days. (0+ / 0-)

      Do you go around cursing and killing trees because you had a bad day?  

      This is the god you worship?  

      •  I understand Christianity is not your cup of tea (0+ / 0-)

        The New Testament, and even moreso the Old, comprise many hundreds of years of history, myth, poetry, song, moral instruction, and family and tribal politics. The God with whom I have a relationship (not sure you can call it worship; I worship my cats) inspired the people who created these writings.

        If you're trying to wring from these texts a single, definitive, narrative thread free from historic and scientific inaccuracies; or derive from them a determinate portrait of a Creator/First Cause/God, I can well imagine your frustration.

        If you're argue that God does not exist or is not worth engaging in relationship because a prophet 2000 years ago killed a fig tree, and demanded his key cadre forsake all and commit to his cause with unbending intent, well, I'm just not sure how to respond, except to suggest that you spend more time studying (1) the historical/sociological/political context in which these texts were written and subsequently translated; and (2) the historical use of metaphor and parable in poetry and political persuasion.

        And fwiw, on my worst days, yes, I've behaved very destructively, taken actions I could not call back, and caused breakage I could not repair. But my continuing relationship with God has strengthened and balanced me such that I become less and less destructive as the decades pass. He continues to prod/drag/carry/dance me toward my goal of zero karmic impact. I figure it's worth an occasional dead fig tree, but of course that's just my opinion.

        Peace out.

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