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    You are correct about this, but only because homosexuality is mentioned in passing in some epistles in the New Testament. The core of the Bible, the Gospels, do not mention homosexuality. The main anti-gay passages are to be found in the Old Testament, but the O.T. was superseded by the New Testament when it comes to morality.

    As for the diarist's main point, The New Oxford Annotated Bible has this note for the passage the diarist cites: "12: Made themselves eunuchs, hyperbole for the voluntary practice of celibacy; a eunuch is a castrated male."

    It's hard not to read the Bible and not get the impression that Jesus didn't care about homosexuality, even though he probably knew it existed, since he was familiar with scripture. But, as others have stated, the diarist's reading of "eunuch" as "homosexual" is absurd.

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