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View Diary: It Doesn't Matter What the Bible says About Homosexuality (287 comments)

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  •  It does matter what the Bible says... (2+ / 0-)

    ..not just about Homosexuality but other subjects such as:

    1. Which 10 commandments? (Ex 20:1-17/34:1-27)

    2. How the former slaves of Israel treated their own slaves.

    a. Non-Israelites taken as slaves for life. (Lev 25:44-46)
    b. A Hebrew slave was obligated for only six years of slavery but had to leave behind the wife his master gave him along with his children. (Ex 21:2-6)
    c. Slaves that had an eye blinded by their masters were graciously liberated but their masters were not blinded in punishment according to the rule of an ‘eye for an eye’ that applied to other people guilty of the same crime. (Ex 21:26-27 compare to Lev 24:19-21)
    d. Masters were allowed to savagely beat their slave with a stick so long as he or she did not die within a day or two. (Ex 21:20-21 compare to Ex 2:11-12)
    e. A man could sell his daughter into permanent slavery. (Ex 21:7-11)

    3. Exterminate thy neighbors. (Lev 19:18)

    a. All of them some of the time. (De 3:1-6)
    b. Men only at other times. Women and children are considered plunder. (De 20:10-18)
    c. Everyone except virgin girls when the mood strikes. (Nu 31:13-18)

    4. How the Israelites treated their ladies.

    a. Women got their hands cut off for defending their husbands if they pulled on his attacker's testicles. (De 25:11-12)
    b. They executed the victim of rape if she was engaged to be married. (De 22:23-24)
    c. They forced the victim of rape to marry her rapist if she was single. (De  22:28-29)
    d. A man could sell his daughter into permanent slavery. (Ex 21:7-11)

    The best way to destroy this demonic religion is to make its Bible required reading in school.

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