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View Diary: I was just thinking about the "lesser of two evils" (18 comments)

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    between evils, after all, please show me a person who is not "evil." There are none, period, we are all sinners. This is particularly true of politicians, people who are good people (insofar as people can be good), are not going to go into politics. That is almost a tautology.

    Would I vote for my ultra-liberal wet-dream candidate for President? Would I even want him to win? Obama's not even a liberal and look out the Republicans have reacted to him...I can't imagine the damage which would occur with a Ralph Nader presidency.

    My point is that politics is one part ideology, one part practicality. This is how good stuff gets done, and if you want to know what is so evil and gross about the Republican party it is precisely because it is all ideology for them. They are willing to bring down the country for the sake of party purity.

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