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    I never said Obama was worse than Romney. This is what I said:


    I no longer support conservative Democrats. They're bad for the party, and bad for the country.

    Yes, it may be the "lesser evil" in the short term. But in the long term, it has proven to only empower the right wing.

    Obama's greatest accomplishment thus far has been to get the American left to support, defend, or at least remain silent about that which they vehemently opposed under George Bush.

    You can pretend that the next election is the most important election ever. But I am thinking about what kind of country we have 20 years from now. Thirty.

    From the massive surveillance state to creation of drone armies, to the expansion of the war on terror, to the attacks on whistle blowers, to the perpetuation of the casino economy for the FIRE sector, to the promotion of austerity with attempted cuts to social security and entitlements, to the perpetuation of the fossil fuel dependence by greenlighting the insane method of hydrofracking and offshore drilling...

    Obama has done more damage than any Republican could have. At least when Bush was president there was a strong, and growing opposition to this insanity. And that meant something.

    Regardless of who wins, the US is becoming a nightmare. Everywhere I turn I see the Opposite of Progress. From the food we eat to the environment, civil liberties, education, standard of living....etc., etc. etc.  On every front we're going backwards.

    But it's never going to get better as long as progressives remain silent. As long as we keep saying to Democrats: "Hey, do whatever you want, sell us out, screw us over, trash the constitution and the country. We'll still vote for you because you're not a Republican."

    All that has resulted from this strategy is an ever more right wing Democratic party, and an ever more right wing country.

    At some point we have to draw the line. You either serve the people, or you don't serve at all. We'll take some losses in the short term. But eventually, the party, our party, will learn that we the people are a force to be reckoned with.

    Only then can we stop the insanity.

    It may not work. And it certainly bears some risks. But if progressives don't take over the Democratic party soon, you can kiss this country, and this world, as you know it goodbye.

    If it weren't for strong progressives willing to hold Democrats accountable, and sacrifice short term losses for long term gains, this country would be a walking hell hole right now.

    There would have been no great American middle class. No workers rights or civil rights. The environment would be almost uninhabitable now. Nuclear war would have probably already happened.

    We were the ones who were right all along. About pretty much everything. And now we are supposed to keep our mouths shut about the atrocities we see so we can reelect a man who was triangulating with Republicans before he even took office?

    No. I will not vote for any person who signs a law giving the government power to kill American citizens without a trial. To incarcerate American citizens without a trial.

    No thanks. I care too much about my party and my country than to let it be destroyed from the inside.

    End Quote

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