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    From OFA shills spice the bears chat quite nicely.  1946 signing out.

    •  I'm not following you well (4+ / 0-)

      Who is an OFA shill?

      You might want to re-think those ties. - Erin Brockovich

      by mahakali overdrive on Mon May 14, 2012 at 09:17:42 PM PDT

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      •  Did you watch the video? (0+ / 0-)

        The shills speak for themselves....

        •  No, I don't see any videos (3+ / 0-)
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          Mets102, Deep Texan, volleyboy1

          in this diary? Am I missing something big?

          You might want to re-think those ties. - Erin Brockovich

          by mahakali overdrive on Mon May 14, 2012 at 10:07:50 PM PDT

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          •  hippie punching for dummies (0+ / 0-)

            Video link in my comment you responded to.  I thought you saw it.  It really captures the conflict among us quite well.

            •  It didn't to me (7+ / 0-)

              and I'm a hippie? Well, I mean I have hippie parents and wear shawls and crazy stuff, but I also wear makeup and am not a Burner, although I've had dreadlocks and many a hippie boyfriend (they'd never be caught dead on this site!!! Most of these smoke ayahuasca and eat mushrooms by the handful and believe that the President is a reptile and that we're all monkeys from outer-space out to mine gold for our invisible home planet -- Nibiru's -- atmosphere. Om Jai Kali Ma! None of them ever voted. Pass the bong. Now what are you going on about again with these "hippies" who have been punched?

              You might want to re-think those ties. - Erin Brockovich

              by mahakali overdrive on Mon May 14, 2012 at 10:21:56 PM PDT

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              •  LOL. (10+ / 0-)

                My aunt was an actual hippie in the actual '60s--who actually protested establishment wrongs and then worked to create social change. She's lived through TRULY bad stuff: the fights over civil rights & Vietnam; Nixon & Watergate; Reagan, etc. She's at the age where she deserves to enjoy a comfortable retirement, and she lives in a Blue state that will go safely to Obama.

                Guess what she's doing the next six months? Working her motherfucking ass off for the most progressive president who has ever graced the Oval Office in her lifetime: Barack Hussein Obama. Phonebanking. Traveling to neighboring states. Doing whatever is necessary. She knows the stakes.

                Real hippies are putting their boots on the ground for THEIR President. Wannabe poseurs are whining and moaning, texting & Tweeting their ahistorical, ill-informed BS complaints to each other via iPhones & iPads. When they should GTFU and focus on getting out the vote.

                Here endeth the rant.

                Ho'oponopono. To make things right; restore harmony; heal.

                by earicicle on Mon May 14, 2012 at 10:34:08 PM PDT

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              •  You saw it? (0+ / 0-)

                You may be right we live in different universes.  My first vote was for LBJ.  There is no comparison with this Pretender.  The tax deal discussion in the video is spot on.  Only reason I mentioned hippie punching was that was the title....

                •  Good, it should end at the title (6+ / 0-)

                  because it implies a false victimhood. Hippies aren't being victimized by the President. Maybe during the 1960's they were. The President's own mother was a total fucking hippie -- a Communist, an Anthropologist, a world traveler, sexually active at a young age, free-loving, believed in world peace. You know that, right? That the President's mother was a hippie herself?

                  So this is just meta, unrelated meta at that, to talk inappropriately about victimization in a way that it doesn't actually happen. If the yuppies, the frat boy fuckers (there's a coterie of them), and average Joes and Jills, the soccer moms, and whomever else on this site are pissed off about the President, they should come out and say "Stop punching middle America!" That has a ring to it, don't you think? At least it would be a bit more accurate.

                  You might want to re-think those ties. - Erin Brockovich

                  by mahakali overdrive on Mon May 14, 2012 at 10:44:10 PM PDT

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                  •  He Only Fooled Me Once! (0+ / 0-)

                    He won't fool me again.  Now I look at the specifics of each issue.  The Man is a fraud.  The two major parties have both failed to deliver a candidate worthy of support.  Yves has his number.  As the comments there show you, the revulsion is strong this time.  Enough.

                    •  TPM scrubbed Financial Contribution Article (0+ / 0-)

                      Tom Ferguson:

                      I think it pretty much speaks for itself. Both Obama and Clinton are heavily supported by financiers; I include Chris Dodd, whose candidacy was not on the same level, since he remains head of the Senate Finance Committee. Note that the candidate most heavily supported by finance in the Republican race, John McCain, also won that one.

                      I would caution against over-interpreting these results. Broadcasting, defense, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors all weighed in. But the particular importance of finance to the Democrats is hard to miss and I am sure will also show up when subsequent contributions get inventoried. Kevin Phillips’ analysis, I think, is likely to remain timely.

                      The link is to Google cache.  TPM removed the analysis of the 2008 candidates from their website.  This prediction shows what we can expect again....
                    •  Romney thanks you for helping him get elected (1+ / 0-)
                      Recommended by:
                      Deep Texan

                      The rest of us, not so much

                      To be a Republican, you have to believe that our economic problems are caused by the poor having too much money and the rich not having enough.

                      by Tommy Jones the Band on Tue May 15, 2012 at 07:29:30 AM PDT

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                      •  Have a Poll and Study. (0+ / 0-)

                        Housing, Accountability Fail:


                        t so happens that some of the most important swing states in the next election are also states with high concentrations of foreclosures, states hit the hardest by the foreclosure crisis. In particular, states like Florida and Nevada are seen as pivotal to the Presidential race, and the Obama campaign wants to compete in the sand state of Arizona. The survey, done by Public Policy Polling for the Campaign for a Fair Settlement, polls voters in those three states, along with Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

                        The poll asked three questions. On housing policy, it asked whether voters approved or disapproved of President Obama’s handling of the housing and mortgage crisis.

                        Arizona 30 approve-54 disapprove
                        Florida 36 approve-50 disapprove
                        Nevada 34 approve-54 disapprove
                        North Carolina 41 approve-46 disapprove
                        Pennsylvania 38 approve-48 disapprove

                        Obama is failing.  Once again, He will take down other Democrats as well.
                    •  Was your nonsequitor a response to my comment? (1+ / 0-)
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                      Deep Texan

                      You might want to re-think those ties. - Erin Brockovich

                      by mahakali overdrive on Tue May 15, 2012 at 07:46:02 AM PDT

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    •  I'm sorry, (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Deep Texan, Mets102

      I'll stop making fun of the Deadhead sticker on your Cadillac, and not point out your sense of entitled self victimization.

      1946, same as Romney, right? I'm sure the neoliberal Clinton was more "progressive" for you. At least for your 401k.

      Have I countered with the same amount of stereotypical drivel inherent in your entire thought process in this thread? Good.

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