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  •  Oh absolutely likewise with most of my family! (7+ / 0-)

    My family is hippie as heck. Some here know them too. Well, yeah. They're with your aunt on that. My aunt was a hair-down-to-her-ass-gal in belbottoms in Israel and India. She's definitely working that ass off for the POTUS' reelection. My pop still is a hippie (old habits die hard). He's got a rainbow flag on his house and an Obama bumper sticker. My other aunt's a lesbian hippie from way back, a midwife at that. She posted about this on her FB and glowed with praise for the President. I know a LOT of hippies. They aren't here. And the ones I know, if they support a President at all (most don't), do seem to support Obama. A few of the younger ones had it out for Ron Paul because of the war stuff -- we didn't make it clear enough that he is a racist buffoon.

    You might want to re-think those ties. - Erin Brockovich

    by mahakali overdrive on Mon May 14, 2012 at 10:39:16 PM PDT

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