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View Diary: President Obama is the Adult in the Room (252 comments)

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  •  I do not (0+ / 0-)

    you are lying about what I've said.

    "you blame Obama for everything that has happened before him."

    see here:

    "well, a lot of people are not going to go "I can't wait to go pull the lever for the guy who has presided over 3+ years of a horrible economy", no matter the facts that the guy didn't cause it and the other guy would be worse."
    or here:
    "given the sorry state of the GOP
    and Romney in particular, it's pretty amazing that it's this close.....

    until you remember that the President has presided over 3+ years of a Depression (that he didn't start, of course) and people don't tend to rush out to support a president that is presiding over a horrible economy.

    The entire thing is just sad."

    These are examples from earlier today in which I explicitly DON'T blame the President for everything that came before him. So you are wrong.

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