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  •  Ok... I apologize but that in NOT an answer. (2+ / 0-)
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    Mets102, Deep Texan

    You don't know... Well then criticism is just that.

    But you do know enough to write here downgrading him with nothing positive to say. Well then criticism is just that. You are offering no solutions, nothing that would make the situation better, just criticizing to criticize. What's that? What is the possible purpose of that?

    Ok... you say you are holding out your vote until he does better for you? No problem. How are you going to do better with a Republican in the White House - because that is what your non-vote counts towards? Is the environment going to get better? Are the schools going to improve? Are the inner cities going to magically get healthier? What?

    The President has a country to run. He has a lot of things to consider in making decisions. Some of them don't work for all of us, but the greater good FAR outweighs what the Republicans have in store for us. You do recall the lovely Bush years don't you?

    Anyway, this election has come down to two people that have a possibility of winning whether you like it or not. One is a Centrist who would move the country in positive way forward slowly, inch by inch, but forward nonetheless. The other is a Far-Rightist who belongs to a party that wants to bring back the Articles of Confederation. THAT is what is happening. SO... how do you change the President to your P.O.V.? Just like he is trying to move the country... incrementally. Work within the party to reform it and change it. Or heck start a new movement once he is re-elected BUT NOW IS NOT THE TIME for that. Not with so much on the line.

    •  sorry but (0+ / 0-)

      my personal knowledge of somebody's name does not mean that there is nobody or that I should vote for somebody who is not doing what I want.

      fine, if you want me to point to somebody, then my neighbor. happy now?

      I agree that there are many considerations that the president has to consider. that does not make a president above all criticism though.
      But I'm going to repeat the important part:

      "But if you can explain to me how to get them to do what we want when our votes are not dependent on them doing what we want, I'm open to hearing it."

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