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View Diary: We're Doing Our Part; Time for the DNC to Step Up for Wisconsin (Update 2) (306 comments)

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  •  There are political rules and routines (14+ / 0-)

    that prove to wise over time.  But when an event explodes "out of the box" as the Wisconsin recalls have, the DNC needs to keep pace.  Lord knows, the republicans sure have. And they've got to be laughing up their sleeves at the DNC attitude---nothing to see here folks, move along.

    Not to mention, the DNC needs to be a bit more creative in assessing HOW to best serve the president.  If Walker wins
    (SHIVER) they're going to spend MORE money shouting down the crowing GOP---

    Can't you just hear it?  "Well Wolf, I think Wisconsin tells us that Americans are on board with our agenda. Certainly, Scott Walker has faced the lions here, and come out victorious."  Yep, before it's all over, they'll be portraying Walker and his 25 million as the under dog who fought the good fight and won.

    Guarantee you, if Walker wins, the DNC is going to spend the money they are sitting on any way, and a lot more of it.  IMO, this is an impractical, inefficient, and arrogant decision on the part of the DNC.

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