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View Diary: We're Doing Our Part; Time for the DNC to Step Up for Wisconsin (Update 2) (306 comments)

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  •  If lack of DNC support is a factor in this, then (8+ / 0-)

    we are almost better off letting the levee break.  The DNC has pandered to useless blue dogs.  They finally get a group that has stood up to the big $ and they tell them to '"fight harder" and offer no support.  
    If we do not win this one, let Walker run unopposed in 2014 and let the DNC put boots on the ground in WI.
    Maybe we should let the middle class feel the full effects of teaparty economic policies that benefit the 1%.
    It certainly would expedite the awakening of the middle class to true economic issues.

    Gotta go...need to tell an old lady how to vote absentee.  I was out canvassing today for 3 hours in tea party country.  Walk a mile in those shoes!

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