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View Diary: Wisconsin recall to get fundraising help, but apparently not funds, from DNC (104 comments)

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  •  I have to agree. (0+ / 0-)

    Expecting the DNC to fund one states
    governors election, no matter how worthy,
    is a stretch for its supposed and implied charter.

    Not defending their lack of action, but if the grassroots
    or their candidate is being overwhelmed via air waves,
    is it the reasonable thing to publicly defame and decry
    and insult the very folks who might be able to aid you?
    Catching more flies with honey than vinegar and all that.
    Has Barrett made a direct appeal to the GOS community?

    I understand that the national unions are playing more
    locally this cycle, where are the attacks on them for not
    funding this critical campaign? Are they on the ropes?
    Seems to me they have as mush to lose symbolically as
    any other interests. Perhaps they are wary after all of
    the expenses of their Prosser efforts came to nil?

    As a registered independent, I do not donate to the
    DCCC or DNC, so I would not expect national Democratic
    organisations to come to my aid, especially after reading
    some of the comments against them here and elsewhere.

    Does anyone here suppose that they know very well
    who and what have supported them or not in the past?

    Or is all of this outrage due to the polling that suggests
    that the general electorate is more swayed by propaganda
    on television rather than the massive grassroots effort?
    Can Media Matters not aid in this? I know they are involved.

    I understand time is running out, but I suspect that GOTV
    is going to be critical if any sort of victory is to be won.
    Sometimes massive spending does not equal success.
    I am personally hoping that the citizens of WI will see
    and realize just exactly where their best interests lay.
    Then again, this is a recall, so I assume that those who
    elected the existing government may have considerable
    'purchasers bias' in defending their previous selections.
    Not to mention all of their well funded supporters.

    Thanks for all of your efforts.

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