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View Diary: New Daily Kos/PPP poll shows Wisconsin gubernatorial recall picture unchanged (290 comments)

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    Both PPP and Rasmussen have Walker up by 5%.  One week before the 2010 election PPP had Walker up by 9% and Rasmussen had Walker by 10%.  Walker won by 5%.  If this pattern is holding this election then it is a dead heat- which I believe- and turn-out is everything.  Early voting starts next Monday.  I hope unions will have their vans out in Milwaukee to take people to the polls.  My school year ends the Wednesday after Memorial Day and I will be taking some people I know who aren't regular voters to the polls.  Don't be discouraged- keep on working.

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      Walker's line didn't move an inch. PPP had him at 53 and he got 52.3. Undecideds simply moved toward Barrett. Problem here is that you need to move Walker's line under 50.

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