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View Diary: New Daily Kos/PPP poll shows Wisconsin gubernatorial recall picture unchanged (290 comments)

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    Remediator, MichaelNY

    closely. In no way does she/he say you cannot "say" what you will. She/he says you have not earned the right  "to dismiss motivated, engaged citizens."

    Her/his point is a subtle one and your desire to hold onto your "rights" makes that point shoot right over your head. You like to accuse others of being just like the GOP though you fail to see how you could be accused of the same.

    Though I deeply appreciate your efforts here in WI, you appear to have missed the deeper sense of commitment needed to be involved in a movement like this which will span my children's' lifetime. If you did, you would never have made the first comment that started this chain.

    We'll be fine without you but we would rather have you with us.

    Wisconsin, reclaiming its State motto: Forward!

    by One bite at a time on Tue May 15, 2012 at 08:29:34 PM PDT

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    •  A nurse or a teacher walking in the protest (2+ / 0-)
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      rosarugosa, MichaelNY

      march around the Madison State Capitol Building on those cold Saturday gatherings walked for himself or herself, and for their kids, or for their parents, and for their neighbors.

      The weather was at least as cold as that nurse's or teacher's committment was deep and real.  

      Some kids joined us from the local high school.  They organized, up and left their school classes, and walked downtwon to join the protests.  Some of them said they weren't sure what would happen when citizens did what we were doing.  We said, "We're not sure either, but we are happy to have you here with us.  Welcome."

      Among many specific other things, those teachers and nurses were asking for a fair playing field for themsevles and their families.  They were asking the governor to honor work.  Their work, their colleagues' work, the work of so many unsung people in public sector jobs.  They'd put in many hours, unlogged, extra steps, quiet behind-the-scenes support in the service of others, and now felt their effort was being treated with scorn by Scott Walker.  

      They were right.  

      I bundled my humble butt up in warm layers of clothes and walked beside them, as proud to be marching alongside of someone as I ever had been, and more convinced than ever that this was a fight worth having.  

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