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View Diary: F*** Wells Fargo. Really. I Mean It. (118 comments)

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    pay a charge.

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      This is the problem with these issues. People who have regular loans with the same company don't believe us when we make these complaints. It's a tiered system. Only sub primes get this treatment. And it's like raping the drunk girl at the party. If you have a subprime loan it means you aren't to be believed therefore we can do whatever we want to you.

      IF you have a sub prime with GMAC and it isn't happening...I think it's because they stopped back in 06. They don't follow the same procedures with each person. This is what I have found. They do whatever they can to make you default on the loan if you are sub prime. They call you names if you are late on a payment, they stop taking your phone calls, they charge you funky made up fees. Many of these things have stopped since the government bailed them out.

      But my record of payments and my payment history still haven't come in the mail. I can't tell what they charged me for in the past and what they haven't. I can't tell where I am at with the loan.

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