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View Diary: How John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision (220 comments)

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  •  Do you think it would have changed the result? (5+ / 0-)

    Seems to me like the justices already had their opinion before the case was even argued. He made a mistake, but the result was not his fault if the justices already knew what they'd rule.

    •  I think they all have their (4+ / 0-)

      opinions before any case is argued and they reverse engineer their opinions to fit their viewpoints.

      [they have their clerks do it].

      In this case CU was dead* and Roberts plucked it out of the ether and put it before the court.

      * No application for cert was made by CU after they lost in the lower court.

      I had this happen to me in Circuit Court where a new judge made a ruling and then issued an order on an issue that wasn't before it.  The judge had to remove himself after I brought it to the grievance board.  I suppose he could have been impeached. It was all very fishy.

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