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View Diary: How John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision (220 comments)

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  •  Sessions tried. (2+ / 0-)
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    chimpy, wsexson

    They only gave up once "wise Latina" failed to get any traction.  Besides, it was only a lib-for-lib trade.  There'd be little to gain by filibustering any nominee other than longevity concerns, and a significan backlash risk.
    Conservatives tried to block Myers because of insufficient opposition to abortion.  They prevailed after she was exposed as a lightweight by Specter and Leahy.
    If Scalia chokes on a calzone during Obama's 2nd term, you will see the mother of all filibusters.  Precedent be damned.  Oh, and we'll get conspiracy theories about zombie ACORN poisoning calzones.

    •  But that wasn't a filibuster attempt (1+ / 0-)
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      It was a straight "reason to vote her down."

      Yes, a vacancy which would shift the ideological balance of the Court would lead to a big fight, just as (Miers, then Alito) for O'Connor did.

      •  It's true he stated (0+ / 0-)

        after the hearings that he would not support a filibuster.  Who knows whether he was considering it beforehand.  Maybe I'm attributing extra malicious intent to the guy because he sounds like such a malcontent redneck douchebag.
        OK, let me put it this way.  Republicans are pretty good at knowing when to fight dirty.  I.e. when it matters and when they can win by doing so.

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