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View Diary: Catholic bishops threaten to sue for their right to hate lady parts (130 comments)

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    It would most assuredly not be limited to the Catholics, but to anyone who objected based upon religious grounds.  And, yes, I could see that easily extending to pharmacists.  And, if you are thinking, no big deal, just go to another pharmacist, consider the following:

    For some people, transportation is limited, so paying to take a bus or cab is a burden - to say nothing of the extra time.  And, some small towns have only one pharmacy.  

    Also, I always wonder if those little blue pills they make for men...  you know the ones... I wonder if those are covered.
    And, if the Church ever stops to worry how many of the men who take them will be using them as an aid for - gasp - sexual relations outside of their marriages...

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