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View Diary: Catholic bishops threaten to sue for their right to hate lady parts (130 comments)

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  •  Really? (2+ / 0-)
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    They have unlimited resources compared to the women they seek to subjugate. They have unfettered access to our legislators and to the courts and the press, compared to the women they seek to subjugate--and those women are not [I repeat-NOT] just Catholics.

    As a woman who has to deal with a constant, relentless onslaught of attacks on my rights as an American Citizen, between clinic-bombers, abortion-stalkers, pharmacists and doctors who want to eliminate my access to birth control, informed consent, abortion, and even sex education--

    And I am not allowed [nor was any woman] to sit in on or testify on the congressional hearings regarding these matters---

    How could this not be like a SLAPP suit.

    What regular citizen out there, esp a female one is going to have the time and money to fight this multi-fronted war on our unalienable rights, on our civil rights and human rights?

    Sure the cases are frivolous to us, but to the people the Church lobbies with cold hard cash, frivolity is in the eye of the beholder.

    They are like termites eating away at our rights, continuously and we-regular citizens do not have the resources to compete with them, nor the clout either.  So every time they throw a few thousand or million dollars around for lobbying, for organizing, and for lawyering, it's a slap suit for me. I am outgunned and outmonied from day one and they know it.

    At the end of the day, total strangers make arguments about this, and we have very little say in this and I dunno--I am a bit sick of it all.

    They need to pack their asses back to Rome. They clearly do not belong in this country, if they cannot abide by the rules.

    •  Do you even know what a SLAPP suit is? (0+ / 0-)

      Not one thing you have written is relevant to whether or not this is a SLAPP suit.

      •  Yes I do, it is a suit that is not meant to (0+ / 0-)

        actually accomplish much, but to force the opponents, usually the poor and indigent to use up all their limited resources [read money and time] so that the corporate interest--or in this case, the corporate-Church can pursue their goals unchallenged in the courts and the legislature.

        Normally it is a tactic of intimidation, but I can see this as legal Jujutsu as well.

        Basically the Corporate-Church in it's relentlessness, is forcing the opposition [American Women] to use up all our time and money to fight them in a multitude of cases, to deal with abortion clinic bombers, and abortion stalkers, and the product of lobbyists who can pay their way into a Legislator's office--ad nauseum.

        Since we have children and families, jobs, etc., and are not independently wealthy with time or money, nor are we supported by any such entity, they often clog up the courts and our own personal calendars with a constant onslaught.

        Add to that the intimidation factor of domestic terrorists, and public stigma [shades of Flush's Slut Talk] and yea, I would call these SLAPP Suits.

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