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View Diary: Catholic bishops threaten to sue for their right to hate lady parts (130 comments)

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  •  Catholic too...nominally (5+ / 0-)

    I know several priests who don't agree with the bishops. And a lot of Catholics who don't.

    Why they've allied themselves with Evangelicals - who don't consider them "true" Christians, BTW because of things like transsubstantiation and all that Mary "worship" - is beyond me. Their GPS is broken and they think they're in Vatican City and can dictate policy.

    It won't work. American Catholics are most definitely NOT like other countries' Catholics. And all you need do is look at how many pro-choice candidates have been elected over the years in places like MA, NY and NJ, where there's a very high concentration of Catholics.

    What's going to happen if the CCB continues is that Catholics are going to leave the church in large numbers. I'm already halfway out the door and I've stopped giving to Catholic Charities.

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