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View Diary: Catholic bishops threaten to sue for their right to hate lady parts (130 comments)

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  •  Yes I do, it is a suit that is not meant to (0+ / 0-)

    actually accomplish much, but to force the opponents, usually the poor and indigent to use up all their limited resources [read money and time] so that the corporate interest--or in this case, the corporate-Church can pursue their goals unchallenged in the courts and the legislature.

    Normally it is a tactic of intimidation, but I can see this as legal Jujutsu as well.

    Basically the Corporate-Church in it's relentlessness, is forcing the opposition [American Women] to use up all our time and money to fight them in a multitude of cases, to deal with abortion clinic bombers, and abortion stalkers, and the product of lobbyists who can pay their way into a Legislator's office--ad nauseum.

    Since we have children and families, jobs, etc., and are not independently wealthy with time or money, nor are we supported by any such entity, they often clog up the courts and our own personal calendars with a constant onslaught.

    Add to that the intimidation factor of domestic terrorists, and public stigma [shades of Flush's Slut Talk] and yea, I would call these SLAPP Suits.

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