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View Diary: Safeway's general counsel tells hilarious sexist joke at annual shareholder meeting (182 comments)

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  •  LSophia, you did not understand the joke (0+ / 0-)

    You realize the joke, funny or not, is attempting at humor by presenting a trade that everyone, joke teller and audience included, knows is completely ridiculous, and then having a character in the joke (the SS agent whose gender is not stated, by the way) make the "humorous" misstep of assuming the ridiculous exchange actually occurred.

    The joke doesn't target the politicians, or the president, or the pigs. It is targeting the SS agent. The agent is the only one in the joke doing anything stupid.

    The joke only works if the hypothetical trade for the pigs is blatantly ludicrous. If the president said he traded his old socks for two pigs, it would be confusing. "Good trade, sir" might actually be an appropriate response, and so it's not really a joke anymore, it becomes a very dull fictional story.

    Instead the joke is structured by selecting clearly valuable politicians as the mistaken exchange for the pigs, so that when the SS agent (acting under previously mentioned orders to agree with the POTUS.... Why do you think Gordon lead with that note?) says "Good trade, sir", it's clear that the agent has assumed something that is flat out silly, but is making an effort to agree anyway. That's why it's a joke, the agent has now assumed something idiotic.

    In this light, one could make the argument that using Pelosi and Clinton in the joke is actually casting the politicians in a favorable light... They have to be iconic, important people so that the audience knows the misunderstood trade is ridiculous.

    So now that you understand how the joke works, are you still offended? Are you still upset? Do you still think Gordon and the people that laughed including the women in the room are sexist against women?

    If yes, I would kindly ask, why?

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