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View Diary: Atlantic Monthly: Moving To DC To Get Closer To Reality? (45 comments)

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  •  The peope (none)
    would be me - not kos.

    Butif you think the article means DC the way you do - the people is you.

    I stand by my take.

    "Just say no to torture." -Semi-Anonymous Blogger.

    by Armando on Sun Apr 24, 2005 at 08:06:13 PM PDT

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    •  Not exactly . . . (none)
      No, I do not mean that the article "means DC the way [I] do".  My objection is to people who characterize DC based purely on the government institutions that are there, and the political appointees in them.  My objection is to the claim that the entire city cannot be "reality-based" because it currently and temporarily houses a bunch of nut cases who actually constitute a tiny minority of the population.  I was not really discussing the article so much as the commentary on it.  

      And I apologize for getting the authorship incorrect.

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