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View Diary: Atlantic Monthly: Moving To DC To Get Closer To Reality? (45 comments)

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  •  Of big intellectuals in think tanks (none)
    How grateful we are in the fly over lands, that such big thinking is being done in DC. In future centuries, if there are still literate people, they will marvel at the depth and incisive thinking of fellers at the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute and all them "Such and Such industry hack shop" institutes. The art of the suck-up has never reached such a level since Rome fell. Just as the roman hacks pieced together fake triumpahal arches from left parts looted from arches made when Rome had sculptors and actual victories, the Rent-a-thought crowd in DC creates fake triumphal screeds from chopped off parts of old doctrines and rhetorical works made when America had real intellectuals and actual victories.

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