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View Diary: I am a Democrat. Hear Me Cheer! (115 comments)

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  •  I am not just a very Proud Democrat (8+ / 0-)

    but  a very, very, very PROUD supporter of President Obama. I welcome any name(s) you want to call me!

    No right thinking American would want to reward the Rethuglicans for their unprecedented obstructionism since President Obama took office.  Add to that Turtle’s declaration/agenda – attempt to make President Obama a one term president.

    Seriously, if you are not angered and motivated by the Robert’s Court or the Rethuglican plans for the country of going back to the stone age and singular support of their corporate masters, then you truly HATE America!

    We must not take anything for granted.  We MUST Donate, Register/Educate voters, GOTV, #OVB (occupy the voting booths) and ALL attorneys must be on deck to monitor not just the voting process but also the collation and reporting of the results!

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