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View Diary: Breaking Fox Poll: Obama is Opening up a Can of Wup on Romney (163 comments)

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  •  It comes down to two scenarios (1+ / 0-)
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    Can Obama mobilize the base into strong GOTV action in the late Summer/Fall, and can Romney close the deal with enough independents.  We won't know until September if either of those things come to pass. Right now I think most people are more or less oblivious to the election. The hardcore Republicans might have a slight enthusiasm advantage since they wake up every morning hating Obama guts. It'll be a tragedy if we give it alway to them due to the election whistling by too many ears. On the other hand Romney has to convince enough voters that they should believe in and vote for him. If he doesn't, then a not insignificant number of conservative leaning voters will start thinking that they'd rather get someone better in 2016 rather than being stuck with Romney, and they won't outwalk or outwork Obama's troops on the ground.

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