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View Diary: Billionaire may trot out Jeremiah Wright to convince voters who 'aren't ready to hate' Obama yet (259 comments)

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    Ginny in CO

    The view of non-whites as "other" won't play well with moderates and independents; navajo's entry in last weekend's First Nations News & Views on how Mormons view First Nations peoples as "Lamanites" was a major eye-opener for me. While we're not as post-racial as the pundits may think, and while Sundays are still the most segregated day of the week in many parts of this country, I still have hope that most Americans don't think that you get into Heaven by the shade of your skin.

    There are a lot of strange beliefs in the LDS Church if they want to play that game, that would leave Willard having to choose between his religion and his country...or the LDS Elders are going to have a lot of "divine revelations" to say, "Oh, that stuff doesn't count anymore."

    Mitt Romney: the Etch-A-Sketch candidate in the era of YouTube

    by Cali Scribe on Thu May 17, 2012 at 09:01:56 AM PDT

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