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View Diary: Mitt Romney tries to erase his Jeremiah Wright attack (96 comments)

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  •  flashback to 2004 (4+ / 0-)

    Being a Democratic activist back in 2004, I remember countless variants on "Look at [insert something horrible about Bush here]! NOW voters will FINALLY see how bad he really is!"

    Remember how well that worked out for our side?

    Attacking on the Wright connection is more of the same, only worse... it's not even anything new. "Maybe if we run an expensive enough ad campaign, voters will FINALLY see that anyone who has ever heard of Jeremiah Wright is unfit to be president!"

    All the voters who are ever going to hate Obama ALREADY hate him. That lists consists of a majority of Republicans, a decent chunk of self-styled "independent" white males who wind up voting Republican (or Libertarian) every single election, and the gadflys on the left who can't stand that Obama doesn't fart rainbows for them and prefer to call him "war criminal" rather than "president".

    Potential swing voters? They don't hate Obama. Romney has to sell them something positive, or at least a pure-policy negative (ie the economy). Not only will Jeremiah Wright attacks not convince them, it will actually offend them. Democrats? Attacking Obama doesn't reduce our turnout. Etc.

    A hate-driven base-turnout election will not win this for Romney. This is an ineffective approach for the GOP.

    Meanwhile, back in my dream world, America is enjoying the peace and prosperity of Howard Dean's second term, while Senator Obama has clinched the nomination for 2012.

    by Orbital Mind Control Lasers on Thu May 17, 2012 at 09:29:51 AM PDT

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