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  •  My only critique is the GOP (10+ / 0-)

    could try to spin the jobs number. I think Dem Presidents have raised employment about 2.7% on average to 1.17% for GOP presidents. I don't recall the time range - how far back for those numbers.

    But it is a great graphic.

    I'd consider more graphics in a package to show:
    - the tax cuts Obama has provided
    - how the taxes today relate to Eisenhower/Reagan years
    - how Reagan & the two Bushes elevated the national debt much more than Clinton and others (I've seen one like that)
    - how the recent Bush tax cuts, wars, drug plan and stimulus to fix Bush's economic mess ballooned the national debt
    - how Obama has reduced taxes and spending (I've seen that one)
    - how deep the job losses were in 2008-09 to show why the jobs are taking time to come back and what the stimulus did - how it moved the lines
    - a graphic Bill Maher used (don't know where he got it) to show the change in GDP due to the stimulus
    - something on the 5.9 million homeowners who have been helped by the administration with foreclosures
    - showing the increase in domestic oil production under Obama with a reduction in imports - a first for a president in years

    And with those graphics a non-partisan source for where the numbers came from like the Office of Management & Budget so the media can also use them.

    The idea is a 3rd party backed graphic to refute each of the GOP's key talking points.

    I think stuff like that should be used to help get the story of this administration across. Not everyone will grasp them but it's a pretty good way to make the point with a lot of people who don't have time to read all the details - or to pop up on cable news when a GOP pundit is BSing. Or during an Obama ad.

    I babbled about this because I haven't seen enough of it getting into the mainstream media - though the work has often already been done and published.

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