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View Diary: All Bets, and Polls, are Off in Wisconsin (211 comments)

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    If Tammy Baldwin is not a shoo-in and Obama not a lock to win Wisconsin, then that is on the people of Wisconsin.  If we can't get rid of a guy like Walker when national anti-incumbent sentiment is so high, then we should shutter the local Dem offices and just give up.  

    I can't believe what I'm hearing from the people of Wisconsin.  The cavalry is not coming.  It's up to us.  

    The GOP is always talking about "states' rights", well this is exactly what "states' rights" is about.  We are always going to have a campaign fund deficit.  We are always going to be going uphill, but so were the people who started these unions, including my grandfather, who had scars on his head from paid corporate railroad thugs who tried to stop him from organizing.  Are we really so weak that we would let them down?  Are we really so outnumbered that we can't beat Scott Effing Walker?

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